Book Signing and Reading

Annette Januzzi Wick calls I’ll Have Some of Yours her how-not-to caregiving book.

In her a collection of essays, she shares the mistakes made along the way while trying finding the perfect care home for her mother, who is slipping further into dementia.

The task isn’t simple. Her father dies in the midst of her parents’ transition to Cincinnati. And her mother presents some challenges—like hitting another resident, yelling at an Elvis impersonator, berating her daughter for the thingy’s in her hair.

Still, Annette shows up because her mother has always done so. Her mother had made herself available despite a cancer diagnosis, or she had baked cookies and personally wrapped and transported them across the miles.

In the past, Annette liked to think she was different from her mother. But in the present moment, she wondered, can she and her mother love without memory—or regret?

I’ll Have Some of Yours is for anyone who longs to move past being a caregiver to find a deeply human and humane connection with someone you love.

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** A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to Women Writing for (a) Change to fund young women’s programs.

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