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During ninth-grade English, my class was asked to write a superhero story. As an Italian whose nickname was “Netti," I drew inspiration from my background and developed a character named “Netti Spaghetti.” All superheroes needed a sidekick so I added “The Meatball Kid” to join “Netti.” The story was lost in the crush of many cartons moved from college and beyond. But I learned that Netti Spaghetti was me and stood for what I wanted in the world.

I grew up in northern Ohio, and graduated from the University of Akron with a Computer Science degree yet still sigh when my cell phone doesn’t work. For a time, I made my home in the Pacific Northwest until firmly planting my feet in a historic neighborhood in Cincinnati’s urban core. When I'm not writing, I'm walking the city’s fifty-two neighborhoods or finding and making connections in the community.

I’ll Have Some of Yours is based on the award-winning blog, Find You in the Sun (www.findyouinthesun.com), where additional essays appear.

Writings have appeared in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Cornerstone, Erma Bombeck Humor Blog, Grief Becomes You: A Narrative of Loss, and Movers and Makers, and have received awards from Writer’s Digest, National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Sinclair College, and USA Book News.

Also available: I’ll Be in the Car: One Woman’s Story of Love, Loss and Reclaiming Life.


Nominated Best Local Author 2015-2018, Cincinnati CityBeat’s Best of.

Every year, I am named in the top three or four. My friends call me the Susan Lucci (soap opera actress) of the local publication world.

Nominated Best Online Blog, 2018, Under 100,000 visitors. National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

Under my breath, my mantra is “please don’t let me be awarded “honorable mention.”

Numerous poetry awards from:

Ohio Poetry Day, Movers and Makers Magazine, Greater Cincinnati Writer’s League

National Society of Newspaper Columnists


I have an uncanny habit of finding anyone through the Internet and through what I understand about how connections are made. My words are out there, in the virtual universe, for all to read. But, to know more about my writing, follow the links below.



Thank you to the @OTRMuseum for opportunity to present the history of our home in Over-the-Rhine! We look forward to many more stories that will unfold about this home and eventually make their way into the book! #writers #books #History #Cincinnati

The gifts continue to come for many of my fellow and sister writers!

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