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  • "This sharp, poignant memoir delves into what it means to move beyond caregiver toward a deeper connection." - The Mercantile Library, Cincinnati, Ohio.
    “A must-have for your personal and professional library…see how family members and professional staff work together to create a meaningful life for persons with dementia. An important book.” 
    "Annette captures the complex emotions common to many families faced with this disease...a touching personal narrative and example of unwavering commitment and love of family.”


“I believe creating links, rooting people to place, through words and work, will bring us closer to the core of humanity."

Annette is a writer and community connector. Her Italian roots and small-town Ohio upbringing offer a unique perspective on her writing and life.

Her award-winning work spans across arts groups, women's studies, memory care homes, city councils, and editorial-opinion pieces. Visit the above links to read more.

Annette Januzzi Wick

 Writer. Create, Converse, Connect.

A transplant to Cincinnati, Annette completed her project, “Girl, Walking” in 2017, walking Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods within a calendar year, blogging about the communities and what she found intriguing and relevant about each. Visit Gettin’ My City On to read all 52.




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    7:00 pmOnline


    The past months have brought drastic changes to our everyday lives. Beneath these changes is an undercurrent of loss, not just related to a physical death, but other types of what Pauline Boss calls "ambiguous", such as loss of relationships, cancelled events, or unfulfilled dreams. In this workshop, we will use poetry, short fiction and prose to examine loss from a variety of viewpoints.

    How do we wade into the waters of that grief and encounter those experiences? Without drowning, do you swim or stay there? —- David Kessler.

    Cost $25.00. Email amjwick@gmail.com for instructions on payment and the online workshop link.

    *Please note: This is not a therapy session, but as always, writing is considered therapeutic.


    Facilitator Annette Januzzi Wick is a writer, teacher and community connector. Her Italian roots, and the combination of small-town upbringing and urban living in Ohio, inform her perspective on writing—and life. Her award-winning writings span across the arts, women's studies, aging and memory, and politics. Visit annettejwick.com to learn more.



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    Click here to learn more about City Council School.

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Probably someone from the suburbs. They hate paying to park 😉

I wished my parents had the capability to text when they were alive. My dad died eight years ago, and my mother died from #dementia complications two years ago. But I would have loved to capture their wisdom on film in the same way I am giving it out today to my children.

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