The Backstory to the Back of the Book.

When Annette's mother was diagnosed with dementia, she created Found Voices, a writing workshop for residents, at the renowned Alois Alzheimer Center. When she couldn’t travel to be with her mother, she started a blog, Find You in the Sun, and was awarded honorable mention from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

After her mother moved to Cincinnati and came under Annette’s care, Annette forged partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association and Episcopal Retirement Services (both are partners in the DementiaInclusiveCincinnati movement) to offer writing workshops for caregivers. And when she mourned her mother’s death, she published this book for those who struggle find reason, meaning and humanity in the situation in which they or their loves ones find themselves.

Hers is not a life of leading, but of throwing herself into making a connection and living her way through the loss of that bond. She shows us how through writing.

When Annette Wick’s young husband dies, she is ill-prepared for the challenge of reclaiming her life. I’ll Be in the Car relates her inspiring quest to become a mother—and a woman—again.


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