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Gathering Our Losses – Breaking to the Light


The past months have brought drastic changes to our everyday lives. Beneath these changes is an undercurrent of loss, not just related to a physical death, but other types of what Pauline Boss calls “ambiguous”, such as loss of relationships, cancelled events, or unfulfilled dreams. In this workshop, we will use poetry, short fiction and prose to examine loss from a variety of viewpoints.

How do we wade into the waters of that grief and encounter those experiences? Without drowning, do you swim or stay there? —- David Kessler.

Cost $25.00. Email for instructions on payment and the online workshop link.

*Please note: This is not a therapy session, but as always, writing is considered therapeutic.


Facilitator Annette Januzzi Wick is a writer, teacher and community connector. Her Italian roots, and the combination of small-town upbringing and urban living in Ohio, inform her perspective on writing—and life. Her award-winning writings span across the arts, women’s studies, aging and memory, and politics. Visit to learn more.



Caregiver Writing Experience

Caring for the Caregiver: A reflective and supportive online writing experience Join us!

Sponsored by The Giving Voice Foundation in partnership with 55 North (Formerly Hyde Park Center for Older Adults)

Pre-Registration required Nicole Christ:

Annette Januzzi Wick and Pauletta Hansel will lead an online creative writing experience designed to help family caregivers explore the gifts and challenges of their lives through poetry, storytelling and journaling. This is an opportunity to use writing to reflect on your own journey and to share as much or as little as you choose in a supportive and safe circle of other caregivers. No previous writing experience is necessary.

A Zoom link will be sent to registered participants. Annette and Pauletta are skilled writers, facilitators and caregivers for their mothers with dementia.

Annette Januzzi Wick is the author of the memoir, I’ll Have Some of Yours, published for those who struggle to find reason, meaning and humanity in the caregiving experience. Pauletta Hansel was Cincinnati’s first Poet Laureate. Her book, Palindrome, poems about her mother, won Berea College’s Weatherford Award. Together and separately, they have led workshops in support of caregivers for the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati and of Knoxville, Arden Courts, the Alois Alzheimer Center, the Caregiver’s Assistance Network, Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio, Episcopal Retirement Services and other organizations.



Failing Forward

Sarah Brown of Failing Forward, interviews writer Annette Januzzi Wick, about her recent incident when she was struck by a car, and how that humbling experience is shaping her writing and creative life in newfound ways.

Fading Memories Podcast

Listen in to Fading Memories as host, Jennifer Fink, and writer Annette Januzzi Wick discuss the notion of approaching the role of caregiving like a job, while balancing the need to be part of the greater family of caregivers in our loved ones lives.

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