Reading Like a Writer Series

February 15 - April 5, 2019

Eight-week instructional workshop on the elements of STORY in creating a compelling narrative. February 15 - April 5. Visit Women Writing for a Change for details and to register.


Holding Our Grief as Caregivers

March 30, 2019

A free guided writing seminar for caregivers.

How do you hold the grief over a loved ones' passing from one stage of dementia to another. To saying the final goodbye. How do we keep our loves ones close with story?

Annette Wick and Pauletta Hansel leads this nurturing and inspiring writing session as an opportunity to use writing to reflect on your own journey, and to share as much or as little as you choose in a supportive and safe circle of other caregivers. No previous writing experience is necessary; participants of previous workshops are welcome to return.

Registration coming soon.



Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories: A Writing Experince

March 23, 2019 from 1-3:30 p.m.

Join Women Writing for (a) Change for the fifth program in this ten-part series, as we explore race from the lens of categories. Joan Ferrante, a professor of sociology at Northern Kentucky University, and her students created a film that examines the history of racial categories, what was lost in the effort to sort humans one from the other, and how that is relevant to today's cultural, political and socio-economic climates.

After viewing the film, Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories, Joan will lead a discussion as we consider how and why categories were formed, and why mourning their existence can bring healing and reconciliation into the lives of those impacted. Writing prompts will guide participants in their own journey to discover, question, and understand more about a topic shaping our national conversation.

Women Writing for (a) Change partners with Northern Kentucky University and Joan Ferrante for the fifth program in this ten-part series. The series is designed to explore and consider a variety of cross cultural expressions, and to foster deeper understanding and awareness of different racial, ethnic, and cultural traditions. Register here.

Note: This program will take place at Women Writing for (a) Change, 6906 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236.

Joan Ferrante is founder and director of the Mourning the Creation of Racial Categories Project. She is a professor of sociology at Northern Kentucky University. Joan is the author of Sociology: A Global Perspective (9th edition) and Seeing Sociology (3rd edition). She also co-authored/edited The Social Construction of Race and Ethnicity in the United States with Prince Brown, Jr (2nd edition). Her most recent works are Places That Matter: Knowing Your Neighborhood Through Data(University of California, forthcoming 2018) and How Race Has Estranged US: An Invitation to Talk(in progress).

Supported by the generosity of community contributions to the ArtsWave Campaign.

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For more info, or to invite Annette to host your workshop:

A transplant to Cincinnati, Annette recently completed her project, “Girl, Walking”, walking Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods within a calendar year, blogging about the communities and what she found intriguing and relevant about each. Visit Gettin’ My City On to read all 52. 


Perhaps it's time we install closed circuit television and ARTIMIS signs for main thoroughfares also used by cyclists, signs to alert drivers to share the road. It could also include a message to state troopers because apparently they need a reminder too.

Finished reading @LidiaYuknavitch Chronology of Water yesterday. Woke up this morning and realized my dreams were water dreams. Wonder what's ahead, as I plow through her other books. The writing is intense, inspiring, makes me want to inject more energy into mine. #amwriting

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